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The Sinister Municipal Council
Midnight Lending Library

Admit: A. Sinistereen
Issue date: 18th April 1999
Reader No: 0001
  • All books must be returned in original condition.
  • Fines will be charged on overdue books.
  • Defacing copies with obscene drawings strictly forbidden.

"Read More Books Please"

The Sinister Municipal Council is proud to announce the opening of the Midnight Lending Library for all love-sick and insomniac citizens of the Borough of Sinister to while away those small hours, in a more edifying way than you usually do.

The shelves are a little bare just now, but the sexy lipstick librarian, Miss Honey ("shhh!") is looking for new nocturnal submissions. These will be taken willy-nilly from anyone who has some original fiction to share - just send short (or even long) stories to her and they'll be up on the shelves for anyone to read before you can say "can the gentlemen over in Medical Prosthetics Reference please stop sniffing as I'm trying to concentrate".
Here are Miss Honey's rules for inclusion:

  1. Anyone and everyone can and should send something in.
  2. Fiction only. No gig reviews, no "what I did on Saturday" and no "aren't paperclips crap?". Sinister Recipes section open later.
  3. More than 1000 words usually.
  4. Send plain text only so that it can be squeezed easily into her nice pink pages. Separate paragraphs with a blank line.
  5. Also send in something around 10-60 words just saying what you want to say about what you've written.
  6. Send any special copyright text, otherwise you just get your name shoved on the end.
  7. You're allowed to ask to remain anonymous and mysterious.
  8. Strictly no nudity unless artistically necessary.
And you can ignore the last one because Miss Honey's an old prude and sneaks down to "Pornography" at night with a bottle of gin when everyone's gone home.

So go on - be daring - send something in.

Stop Press!
Miss Honey is proud to introduce a new member of staff! Meet sexy library assistant Miss Lipz who'll be helping stack the shelves, and swapping lipsticks with Miss Honey behind Reference Section G - Periodicals.

The Library Shelves

o Fried Scampi From Hell by Ciara MacLaverty
page 1 book
Ciara is none other than our very own Sinister cover star, the one seen reclining next to "The Trial" on the front of "If You're Feeling Sinister". This is a short story of hers that appeared in "New Writing Scotland 16" from the Association for Scottish Literary Studies in 1998.
o Doing Without by Jessica Manack
page 1 book
"Hello, my name is Jess and here is a story for yr consideration for inclusion in the Sinister Lending Library. It's called "Doing Without". I'm afraid I don't have anything clever to say about it, but I really enjoyed the stories up there and thought it would be fun to contribute!"
o Foreseen by Jarkko Fräntilä
page 1 book
"Well ,this is a story I wrote about 6 years ago (when I was 16). Never managed to write anything compared to this story after that. Sorry, it does involve some nudity (kind of), but I think it's not too rude. Enjoy it. Or hate it."
o Rafters by Blake E. Hamilton
page 1 book
"Many of you sinister folk will identify the crush-on-the-restaurant-employee motif from my posts. That was a bit intentional. I really enjoyed writing this, and I apologize for overly flowery metaphors, unneeded imagery, or any story related turn-ons this story may cause. Please, be gentle."
o Through The Vast Unknown by Gary Parkinson
page 1 book
"Here's a story. Here's some stuff about it: In 1977, The Carpenters sent a message of intergalactic peace and spangly frocks out to the aliens. And yet life on Earth as we may or may not know it still goes on. In a manner of speaking. - Published in 'Stat' 1999"
o Borderline by T J Roberts
page 1 book
"its called borderline because i couldnt think of anything better. the first part is based on a song i wrote, and the last part is based on another one. the middle part isnt based on anything. the point is that hes lying to himself at the end, yeah?"
o The Yo-Yo Champion by Ray Jakes
page 1 book
"I wrote this story for my friend Brendan, he's about to leave to go to the USA for a long time. Its like a kids story but slightly worse, i thought it was funny - mainly because it's so bad. Im including it in a book im writing at the moment, a book of short stories."
o Drama at the Neighbors by Dave Jygsaw
page 1 book
"Well. I don't consider myself a "writer" although I do occasionally write things. So forgive any glaring flaws in this. It seemed to come out of my head like a twee Tarantino flick. If that makes sense. Just read it and see."
o Love Me Tender/An Ungrateful Bastard by Ian
page 1 book
"where did it come from? i don't know..i think i just pulled it out of my arse one day. its amazing what you can find up there. a pleasant little tale about cannibalism."
o The Sinister Dimension by Ant
page 1 book
"Here is a short story about computer games for possible inclusion in the Sinister library. It was fun to write but it's also kind of sci-fi, so you have been warned!"
o Carvings Of The Cotton Wool Prince by Magpie Jay (John Kerswell)
page 1 book
"Just a wee fable about a very small boy, with very small hands, on a very fluffy cloud. He has a big dream. He longs to weave a snowy albino blanket to quilt the edges of the world, and banish the brilliant green grass that teases his toils from below."
o Any Worlds You Choose by James Gilmer
page 1 book
"Hello, this is the first story I ever tried to have publish with no luck thus far. Though I did get a very nice rejection from the editor of the Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy saying that he liked the mood but it didn't make enough of an impact on him. So now you Sinister people can tell me what you think".
o Albert Camus Rip Off Piece #187956 by Matthew Grisham O'Hairy
page 1 book
"This a nice story I wrote for my English A-level. It is quite Camus-y, but I don't suppose that's always a bad thing, if it has a different main gist."
o The Plough And Orion by Rich Butler
page 1 book
"I guess this is the first proper short story I ever wrote. It kind of has that touch of innocence I was always trying to get. Its not very good or well writen, admittedly, but I like it. It was inspired by reading 'The Little Prince' for the first time."
o Second Sight by Amy Jackson
page 1 book
"it all just came to me one evening. i don't know where it came from or why, i just sat and wrote it. i didn't even know how it would end. so here it is."
o Bob Dylan Is A Miserable Bitch by Brad!
page 1 book
"oh and if you need '10-60' words explaining it, you can just put 'bob dylan is an ungrateful bastard'. i've since gone and read some of the other submissions and i notice that another story already has the words 'ungrateful bastard' as part of its title, so i now change the title of mine to 'bob dylan is a miserable bitch'"


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