23-25th February 2004

Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

The Hodottir: love, group hugs, and A BABY FOR SINISTER!

"Now I'm not sure if it'll be the first (correct me), but there's a sinister baby on the way. That is to say, two people who were brought together by this very list are breeding the next generation of listees. And no, it's not mine, as I'm about as maternal as a mince pie. Besides, I'm barely even having sex at the moment, let alone reproducing. No, this bump is the work of our very own Joe and Florence Sinister, ex of London, now of Bristol. (For those who don't know, these two first flashed eyes across another sinister's bedroom - the rest, as they say, is all a bit of a blur.) Technically the kid's already been to its first gig (Bath Pavilion), and its Mum and Dad intend to brainwash it with the entire back-catalogue from an early age, mwah mwahahaha.

In fact, I'm even hoping it might get a Belle and Sebastian name. Like Belle. Or Sebastian. Or Judy, Anthony, Lisa, Dylan, Mary Jo, Nancy, Emma, Laura, Joe, Phil, Jane, Jenny, Jonathan, or, indeed, David. Not Seymour though - that would just be stupid. On New Year's Eve we were discussing how marvellous it would be if there could be a Sinister Christening, with Struan in a smart suit giving blessings, Wee Sarah serving tea and the band doing a cover of 'Baby Love'. Now that would be worth being born for."

robin stout: The birds in your garden

"My father used to be a bird watcher. A twitcher. He met my mother, a farmer's daughter, at Scottish dancing classes and they fell in love. When I was born several years later, I was named Robin after the robin my dad used to put food out for every morning. When I was born I had my umbilical cord wrapped round my neck and was quite blue, and my dad reckons I'm lucky I wasn't named after a Blue Tit."

Jaye Conner: The birds in your garden

"[nice email from this person named Robin Stout who writes to this sinister (belle and sebastian) list a lot. Scottish twist and it's even got a recipe] [i do not know her personally or much else about her]"

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