5-6th February 2004

Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

Froggy Frogh: Me And B&S

"Found Sinister. Was going to sign up for it with my real name, but panicked and used my Internet ID, Froggy. So afterwards it feels kind of silly, really, because all of you are like 45 and I am. well. below 18. See? "..." So finally I have pout the whole of my letter down, a letter which I have formed in my head during several homework's. So here it is. Hopefully someone notice it and comments it, otherwise, I don't think really I will Post anymore. Buuh!"

Rachel Playforth: fans elderly

"Is it a little disheartening to read that Froggy thinks we are all about 45 years old? Or does it just mean we are the home of maturity on the interweb? The last few sinister meetups I can recall suggest that the latter is far from true, actually.

What a nice post by the way Froggy.

So, it's 8.55am and I'm at work. But not working, yet. I felt odd and Friday-ish today, so I have dressed in my least professional outfit and I even put on MAKEUP which happens about once a year. I got lots for Christmas (thanks to Ruth of this parish for some of it) so I have to experiment really. There is stuff that you put on your eyelids that is kind of shiny, and really fat pencil things that I haven't worked out yet, and mascara and nail varnish and lip gloss which even I can manage."

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