6-9th January 2004

Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

Imke Wiggerts: Whoopie!

"Well, I'm sitting here, wearing my really cool Stressee moi? tee and it's my birthday! Whoopie! So everybody who's in town (=Holland) come to visit me..! Friday I'm giving this really cute birthdayparty and it's gonna be great so... you're invited (hmm, don't think you all going to make a boattrip or going to step on an airplain just for my twentieth birthday but I can ask it anyway."

Froggy Frogh: Isn't that just wrong?

"Do you have to have stick, long beard and be almost deaf to get into a softmusic consert? Yeah, 8 year old can look at Maiden, but people below 18 can't se B&S? Do you have to be like 40 and been with from the start to listen? What a fun birthday I now will have, sitting at home thing of what i could have done if not everybody over 18 was permanently addicted to alcohol. Oh, I can promise you that it will take a great deal of time before I can listen to B&S again, if ever. Isn't that just wrong?"

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