5th December 2003:
Stefano [Steady-State]: reporting back #2 sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

"[Got this is the mail box... I think is hilarious]
Dear Colleagues,

Over the last 20 years, the thing which has most consistently annoyed me about the School of Biological Sciences has been the short half-life of metal teaspoons in the kitchen.

Now you have to agree that making your tea or coffee with a metal teaspoon is so much more satisfactory that using the plastic alternative, even though the latter may be more hygienic. But we are constantly frustrated by a dastardly thief (or indeed, thieves). This year I thought that a guilty conscience had finally got the better of the criminal. In April I bought 4 rather splendid metal teaspoons for 1 in a cut-price store, and put two in the kitchen. They immediately disappeared, but. miraculously, a substitute spoon (albeit of inferior quality) immediately appeared and has remained in the kitchen for the entire summer and autumn ...... until not, that is. This week it too finally disappeared.

I am going to put my remaining two metal teaspoons in the kitchen today. I appeal to the thief (or thieves) to take pity on a sad old man and leave him the one pleasure remaining in his life, viz to stir his tea bag with a proper spoon. And its also a legacy to he Department. Goodness knows, the way things are going around here, it may be my only legacy!"

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