5 Years

Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

Vicky: Now we are five

"Happy Birthday Sinister" his voice is like melted butter

"You know one of my favourite bits of the Little Prince is when he is talking about how adults always ask questions about people in numbers.How old your boyfriend is,how old is friends is,how much money he makes etc etc..they never ask what his voice sounds like,what games he likes best..."

Kimberly Rehak: incoherence to sinister

"alright, some b&s content: the other day (the day i was wearing the pink shoes) i was giving my friend tapes of the black sessions and tigermilk for him to tape"

<>: Re: sinister-digest V4 #87

"climbing. ive always loved climbing.

the willow taught me to climb.

i learnt by climbing the tree.

i learnt now to climb by falling off and breaking my limbs."

Robin Stout: I didn't mean to slag America off, just that ****ing film...

"Where did I leave my teeth? Oh there they are!"

honey: Happy Birthday You

"I'm not really up to counting properly (maybe there's a Sinister Statistician chewing a Sinister Pencil somewhere), but I'd take a rough guess that the Sinister archive since August 27th 1997 contains 24,000 messages. Multiplied out by the average number of people who've been on this list, I'd guess that my poor tired little mail servers have sent more than 20 million messages in the course of their 5 year childhood. I'm not sure if when the servers hit 15, get spots and start to hang out drinking cans of cheap lager outside the chippy they'll be so happy to do so (I expect some fairly surly error messages), but I'd like to thank the little darlings for their tireless work. Of course really I'd like to thank YOU all because you all joined the list, made the list, and kept the list going, but I'm a bit embarrassed and don't know how to put it. Just.. you know."

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