26th February 2001 & 31st July 2002

Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

jonathan skinner: i'm off to practice my affectations

"I came out of that book educated and trying to figure out whether I was in a book or not... am I just the figment of someone on sinister's imagination... it that someone making me write this very sentence now.......... honey's brain perhaps."

Dirty Vicar: if you want to live, come with me

"When I was at Glastonbury hanging out with the Sinister posse, someone said to me that I looked just like Princess Honey - only younger.
It's obvious what this means. At some stage in the future humanity will have been conquered by robots, and the handful of surviving humans will realise that only one thing can save them - sending one of their number back in time to start up a mailing list dedicated to the band Belle & Sebastian. And of course, I get the job.
It looks like I will prove up the the job my fellow humans will give me."

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