16th July 2002:
robin stout: What colour is a hiccup? Burple! sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

"Yesterday I was thinking a lot about thumbs. First of all I noticed how my thumbs were coming apart at the seams, where my thumbnails start, and I was thinking how that always happens and thumbs are a bit rubbish. Then, last night, I went to the new Spar up Crwys Road and was served by a man who had a very long smelly beard and TWO THUMBS on his left hand. I didn't see his right one, maybe that one had two thumbs too and he was a bit embarrassed about it. Then I started thinking that thumbs are pretty marvellous things, really. Here's all the things they let you do:

Hold pencils
Press space bars
Hitch lifts
Bowl bowling balls
Send text messages
Give a big thumbs up to God for giving you a pair of such special fingers

Marvellous! "

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