21-25:th June

Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

lindsey baker: as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do.

"inside one of the books was a dead spider.

its body had been crushed between the pages, and all of the legs, remarkably enough, were intact and attached to the little round body. it was brown and undeniably crackly in its permanent state of repose, and i didn't touch it. i was a little taken aback, actually, and for some reason i wanted to skip over all the words and just look at the preservation of death.

when i kill spiders -- or anything else -- the corpse is never so neatly justified.

when i am old and living alone with my draft and backlog of stories of life and writers and the eight-sided affair i had when twenty, i want a row of books on a shelf. and in one of those books, i want a spider, pressed between pages like a flower. "

rrrrobyn: 'i spent this afternoon nostalgic for this morning'

"lindsey wrote "and in one of those books, i want a spider, pressed between pages like a flower." and that you compared a crushed spider to a flower and it came out lovely. whoa. this is just good. yes, so maybe i've been thinking too much lately, but you both got a few tears out of me and i'm not really the teary type. not for the past couple years anyway. "

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