Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson.

22nd November 2001: B&S brazilian gig, as a first message... and, in the end, a "I am really sorry" message.

"When the show started, a guy on the left start yellin' the lyrics in Sepultura style, guturally. He didn't care about the melody at all, and cared a few about metrics: he just wanted to prove to everyone around that, although he had a terrible lack of musical talent, had spent about 20 hours a day in front of the stereo, so he could memorize every single line of every single song.
When Steve started playing the horn, so that we all realized that "Me and the Major" was on its way, I had to run away, because the same guy started jumping like a monkey. Uau, he was in a speed metal gig in his mind!... I squeezed myself through the crowd, so I reached the other side, we're I would be safe."

23rd November 2001:
Jeferson Valadares: Just an "I am sorry" message.

"hmm, the guy on the left might have been me. sorry about ruining your experience - i was just elated to be there, and singing and jumping is the way i reacted to b&s live. i didn't figure i could cause offence just by the way i sing."

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