9th November 2001:
Astrid Wiezell: in this harvest day... sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

"A girl from a swedish organisation against mobbin called Friends, at it was good. I thought of what I would od if I was alone every single break, all the time. I think I would be the kind of girl who would sit in her own quiet place, always to be seen with a book, a notebook and a freestyle. I would always listen to music. Its the best way to shutting the rest of the world out. Believe me - I experienced it today actually. In a sort of weird way. "..."Do you KNOW what happened today?! IT SNOWED!!! YES!! SOME SNOW! I LOVE SNOW! Ah, I am so happy... it is so COSY and nice and snow is just the gratest ever. "..."I have to go down lots of stairs to get down to the houses where I live. And today, and yesterday, Ive danced along, spinned around, taking little funny steps, skipping, doing very strange little jumps right up in the air and funny wiggles with my arms to the music Ive been listening to. "

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