3rd October 2001: This time it was my thumb sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson

"Well, woodcarving is not a strenght of mine. Ive broken my piece three times now, and cut myself badly now, well, twice. So, today we were having a discussion of safety and he was talking about suspending the project b/c of the safety of his students, blah blah... After this conversation was over and I was back at my workstation trying to catch up to the other people (b/c I have broken it twice) I was holding my chisel and trying to steady my piece with my left hand. Well, I get bumped from the right by my teacher and the sharp tool slides off the side of the wood and well, onto my thumb. This was a deeper cut right at the joint, and almost down to the bone (about an eighth to a quarter of an inch deep). I was rushed down to the nurse and had to wait for about 15 minutes with my hand over my head to reduce the blood loss... I didn't get stitches b/c I would spilt them too easily so they poured some glue into the cut and bandaged me up. I missed the rest of my sculpture class. "

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