Sillustrated by Katarina Karlsson.

"2picnics, 6 emails and 1sillustration"

17th June 2001
Gordon: odd socks

"I was in time for the picnic though, thoughts verging between glacial calm and sheer terror. So once we found the patch of grass I just fell asleep. Call it a power-nap or exhaustion or blind panic. Whatever."

17th June 2001
Amy Jackson: uptown shufflers

"Then after a while of talking and eating jaffa cakes jenowl and i decided it would be a good idea to roll down a hill. so we did. then vel and john decided to roll with us"

18th June 2001
Lucy Alder: Who's your daddy?

"Jenowl hugged me! John John foisted Haribo sours and peanut cookies on me! Will, er, had plaits! I spotted Sunnyset because of her lovely, bouncy doggy but couldn't go and say hello because bouncy doggies and fishnet tights are a bad combination. Claws can easily get caught in little holes and I had no intention of looking like a St Trinian, so I stayed uphill and unladdered."

17th June 2001
Neil Milton: memoirs... (or... how I stumbled upon a teddy bear's picnic)

"I don't know exactly at what point I decided to get up and join the little kick about that was going on with a ball that Ally had just bought but I thought it'd be sociable. We carried on passing the ball around for a little while and then someone decided on a match."

17th June 2001
Will Salt: You were Jonathan to Stuart David

"We sat on a hill and ate; well, most people did, some just rolled down it. Apparently, it was the biggest Sinister picnic ever ever ever in recorded history. Some mad people went off to play football."

18th June 2001
zvoruna: where the New York City picnics aren't bleeding me...

"my trip to the NYC belle picnic was a quiet one. sounds quite sinister to lay there in the grass and watch a picnic unfold. too shy to join in. really, i'm not a creep or a pervert though me telling you this would be your first indication to believe the exact opposite. i didn't have anything to add. i didn't bring any treats or cute blue blow-up bunnies. maybe next time.

are there any sinister people out there who showed up for a picnic.... and then didn't go?"

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