Thursday 22nd March: I think my brain has switched off itself sillustrated by vu sleeper

"March 26th is make your own holiday day. This year, my friend and I have engaged in plans to make it 'celebrate your gods day'. This allows us to keep our options open if we're not feeling up to par for the prank we're planning on pulling off. We thought a great way to celebrate this day would be to pass out little neon pink flyers with pictures of people on them saying 'celebrate your gods!!!'. these people, of course, would be selected through our complicated system of looking at these people and deciding whether they look like people who would be of interesting value. people to pass this list would be:
-a guy who bleached his hair, dyed it red, bleached it again, and then attempted to dye it black, but failed to do so at a shortage of black hair dye. he compensated with blue hair.
-a guy who walks around with a yellow suit. i saw one in the airport.
-a guy with red athletic clogs. now that's sexy."

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