6th-8th March 2001:
by Katarina Karlsson.

Desmond Torpey: beards,ears and rhino's....
i once had a nightmarish ribena experience at school...i started having a coughing fit with a mouth still full of the stuff and i began to splutter it out of my nose and spray it all over the corridor...

Robin Stout: Adventures In Ribena
Once I kept some in my satchel for so long that it fermented, and after I finally drank it I was rolling about in the school greenhouse, wearing my new plant pot hat. Ps. I have never kissed the editor of Radio Times
But the thing with non-blackcurrant flavoured Ribena is, it's wronger than wrong. If you were to combine Eminem lyrics with Cardinal Winning, pour with George Bush sauce, sprinkle lightly with a ground copy of the News of the World and microwave it in Hell to the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out until it simmered gently, then fed it to Anne Robinson and got her to vomit it back up, you still couldn't get a worse thing than non-blackcurrant flavour Ribena.

Kenneth P Y Chu: wee ruled the pool
but then it is obvious anyway that Ribena is not as good as Red Bull, for a start Ribena does not give you wings!

Florence: the girl smells of ribena
And if you lie in bed, hold your glass of Ribena up to the light and look through it, it's very pretty indeed.

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