Monday 5th February 2001:
Andrea Kittenmouse: sinister playlists and nightmares by vu sleeper

"I had a strange dream the other night that would make a great movie (and creepy). In the dream, there were these tiny tiny people (two of them) who were trying to escape from this normal size (giant to them) rich man who collects the tiny 3 inch high people and keeps them in little drawers in a big cabinet in his big house. Except the tiny people are alive, and they don't like being kept in drawers so they try to escape. Wouldn't that make a weird movie? It was a weird dream, that's for sure."

Sinister Galleries: [Body Parts] [Concerts] [Baby Photo Album] [People Photo Album] [Picnics, Pubs and Conferences] [Sillustrations] [Your Slip Is Showing] [Things We Made In School Today, Mummy]

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