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Re-registering #sinister

The irc channel #sinister needs to be re-registering, which I'm apply for now, and the application procedure is complicated (see the AUP below, which no, you don't need to read unless you want to :) ). I need 10 "supporters" who will:

  1. signal that they support the application (must be able to reliably reply to email within 3 days or we lose the channel!) and are active users (must be around on #sinister for the next week or two);
  2. identify themselves on IRC before joining #sinister (see below) and actually be present in the channel a few times during the registration period (maybe 5-10 days, from when I register the channel, in the next week or so) to show they're active users.

If you'd like to volunteer to be a supporter, please (if you haven't done it before, say as an op) first register a username on the Undernet Cservice site by going to:


clicking on "Web Interface" and then on "Register!". Invent a username, fill in what they ask and follow instructions. I'm told the forms on the website might be a pain, so if you run into trouble, try emptying you browser cache and hitting Reload (if you don't understand this ask Ken or Will :) ). Once registration is completed, connect to irc, and type the following to check it:

/msg x@channels.undernet.org login username password

where "username" and "password" are what you picked above. You should get "Authentication successful" if all went well.

Once this is done, email me and tell me your username, but please check you can do all the above first. Once I've got 10 people I'll fill in the form with these usernames, and you should receive a message (via irc or email I'm not sure) telling you what to do to signal your support. Please do what they say or the channel registration gets blocked for a period of time!

Finally, please make sure you issue the above /msg command everytime you connect to irc for the next few weeks, and before you join #sinister. And please make sure before you volunteer that you will actually be around for the next few weeks! The Cservice people sound fairly officious (see the AUP below) in their need to have it demonstrated that supporters are real channel users, so please be sure you can do this before you volunteer. Again Ken or Will or someone else geeky might be able to show you how to set up an alias to do the above in fewer letters, or find a script that will do it automatically when you connect to irc.

To anyone who does volunteer, thank you, you angel. You are now Aunt Sadie's best friend.

Honey xx

P.S. You don't need to read the thing below, but if you want a giggle at how serious irc can be...

Undernet's Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Channel registration is not meant as a means to start a new channel. It is meant for previously established channels to have an opportunity to have some stability. If you are first starting a new channel, then just start using your channel and give it time to see if a reasonable userbase develops to justify registration. Your channel must be open and active for a reasonable amount of time BEFORE you apply.

As a channel manager you are responsible for the channel and seeing that your channel users and ops follow all Channel Service guidelines, so READ BEFORE YOU APPLY.

Channel registration application is not a right, but a privilege granted subject to conditions.

Channel Services (X) will not be provided for any channel involved in child pornography, the trading of warez or any copywritten material including mp3's and dvd's or the illegal trading of credit cards, passwords etc. We will no longer register any bot lending channels. If we find these activities are predominant in your channel after registration, we will permanently remove X from the channel.

While we do not disqualify use of free email services, if we find that certain email domains are being used to abuse our guidelines we will not allow that domain to be used again.

The CSC admins do reserve the right to reject any channel registration for any reason that they deem valid.

Channel Services regularly monitors all registered channels for activity. If a registered channel is not active, X will be removed from the channel. Channel managers are expected to be active in the channel. If you are gone for more than 21 days, X can be removed from the channel or in very active channels, a new channel manager can be elected by the high level ops. If you know you are going to be gone for more than 3 weeks, appoint a temporary manager and have Channel Services set them up. Forms are available on the web page and #cservice is there to help you.


You need to have 10 DIFFERENT supporters (people, not just 10 different usernames) to register a channel. Make sure all your supporters are active members of your channel and that they all agree to support you as manager. If any of the people who you list as a supporter indicates they do not support your channel, you will lose the right to register any channel for 3 days.

Your supporters must go to the web page and indicate whether they support your application or not or /msg x support #channelname (YES or NO). If all of your supporters do not respond within 3 days, your application will be rejected.

During the registration period, Channel Service will be checking to insure all your supporters are really users of the channel and are actually joining it. They need to be logged into X before they join so that they will be counted. Repeat: PLEASE BE SURE YOUR SUPPORTERS LOG INTO X BEFORE THEY JOIN THE CHANNEL OTHERWISE THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

You are responsible for your Channel Ops whether you are online or not. Please be careful who you give access to. Abuse by your channel ops, whether you are there or not, can result in X being removed from the channel.

If you feel your channel qualifies for registration go to http://cservice.undernet.org/live and FOLLOW all instructions.

NOTE: Filling out this application does NOT constitute registering your channel. It is only applying to register.The entire registration process takes about 10 days. Should your application be rejected for any reason, it cannot be altered by CService. You must reapply using this form. You may wish to print the completed form before submitting to retain the data.

You should track the progress of your application every few days. Go to the registration page at http://cservice.undernet.org/live/ and select Check application. Enter your channel name and enter or click on go baby.

August 12, 2001
Channel Service Committee

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