Votes now closed, thank you for your attention

The #sinister IRC channel needs some more ops - operators who look after it in case of attack, something that's happened recently. There's about 8 already, some of whom are a bit scarce these days, so we need more. I'm not proposing taking ops from any of the existing people (unless they ask me), but let's say we need up to another 6 (depending on how many we get). I don't want to be precious about this (as if! me?!) but I seem to get mildly roasted if this isn't seen to be fair. So please vote for who you think would make a good op - mail me at with "op" in the subject of your email and just the nickname of one or at most two people you're suggesting would make good ops in the body of the mail. Don't tell me via IRC please because I'll forget. Let me know by this Sunday (8th October), then I'll do it, no back answers. Please do vote if you have half a feeling even if you don't normally do this kind of thing, it'd help make things spread evenly.

As if I need to say this. Being an op is not a sign that you are great, sexy, favoured, loved best, rich or famous! It's a job and one very rarely needed. Ops in #sinister aren't ops because they're channel old-timers, pals of me, pals of the Queen, pals of Britney Spears, or even offerers of bribes (although you can try if you want). It's a job that needs doing, that's all, and if you're not an op it probably means unlike me that you have a life, outside interests and a varied stamp collection.

Your criteria for nominating an op should be:

I'll give a little preference to people who are round lots at nighttime US time in the case of an all-out naked mudwrestling contest between competing prospective ops, because I'm told there are hardly any around to save the channel from recent attacks. We also hardly have any UK or European ops - well only one if you don't count me, so please vote for them too. If hardly anyone votes then I reserve the right to pick anyone I think capable with impunity and not to be asked later why I didn't or don't make MrX an op! Grr.

Sorry this is so dull. That is all. Miss Honey