Sinister - Body Parts

Anonymous squishy bits of Sinister listees - you guess who. List rule no. 1 is that if you mention any part of your body in a mail to the list, you have to send a faintly rude or unfocussed picture of it here. Mr Rosenbaum is The Enforcer should you choose not to comply. All contributions strictly anonymous.

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Pictures added in the last two weeks have a big fat stinking border around them.

Back-01 Back-02 Beard-01 Ear-01 Eye-01 Eye-02 Eye-03
Eyes-01 Eyes-02 Foot-01 Foot-02 Hair-01 Hand-01 Hand-02
Hand-03 Hands-01 Leg-01 Leg-02 Legs-01 Legs-02 Legs-03
Legs-04 Legs-05 Legs-06 Lips-01 Mouth-01 Mouth-02 Neck-01
Nose-01 Shoulder-.. Stomach-0.. Thighs-01.. Thumb-01 Tongue-01.. Tree-01

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