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Description: The Exeter City FC mailing list
List manager: hopkinstim@yahoo.com

Welcome to the archive of the Ecfcok mailing list. Here you'll find links to the list archive, for browsing and searching. The Ecfcok list currently has 31 members.

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Information about the list

[Last updated on: Fri Mar 10  9:29:28 2000]

Welcome to the ECFCOK list

1. About this list
2. List rules
3. List commands
4. Help!

1. About this list

This list has been set up for the purpose of
discussing ways to promote and increase supporter
involvement in Exeter City Football Club. Everyone
here has expressed an interest in improved supporter
involvement. There aren't many rules, but please take
the time to read this message so we're all clear why
we're here.

This list is a private forum, owned by me. We can
speak freely (within the boundaries of the listrules
and the law!).

So why does this list exist? Why don't we just talk
about this on G-Net?

For a few reasons:

-some people don't know who might be reading G-Net
and as such might fear to speak freely

-given the fairly vocal cynicism expressed by some
of the more regular posters on G-Net, I didn't want to
bore people more interested in talking about their
time at Hele's (or whatever), and again I didn't
want people to be reluctant to post for fear of being
shouted down

-I think we *might* need some kind of launch at some
point in the future, and therefore didn't much want
factions / disagreements / plans seepiung out intothe
public domain.

I see this list as a one-purpose sub-group of G-Net,
not a rival, and I see its life as very limited. I'm
not saying that we *shouldn't* talk about these
issues on GNet, simply that we wouldn't want to bore
people, now would we?

2. List rules
2.1 Who's allowed on the list?
2.2 What are we allowed to talk about?
2.3 What are we not allowed to talk about?
2.4 Other rules

2.1 Who's allowed on the list?
Basically, anyone. The procedure, as you'll see
below, is such that anyone can sign up for the list
but for them to join, I have to approve them.
Realistically, I can't see me refusing anyone entry
but the point of this is that we are talking more or
less in private. If (say) a Director of the club
decided to join, I'd be likely to canvas the opinions
of the members of the list before deciding. Some of
you may disagree with this, but this isn't a war, the
Directors aren't the enemy and we're not a guerilla
army. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want people to be
scared to speak.

2.2 What are we allowed to talk about?
Supporters' Involvement in Exeter City and relevant
associuated topics *ONLY*. Travel arrangements,
funny stories, reminiscences about Alan Banks, talesof
your woodwork teacher are all perfectly well catered
for on GNet or the Exiles list.

It might be difficult, but try to keep discussions of
what happens on the pitch to a minimum, and even then
make sure it's relevant to the supporters' involvement

We can also talk about supporters' involvement as it
stands at other clubs, in other sports (apparently
there are some other sports, I didn't realise...)and
so on.

2.3 What are we not allowed to talk about?
Everything else!
Aside from the City related stuff mentioned above,
please also leave out other gossip, and definitely
do not talk about the content of the list. If you have
a problem with what people are mailing the list about,
then contact me ONLY. I'll see what I think and
maybe have a quiet word in someone's inbox.

2.4 Other rules
The only other rule is that we remain civil to each
other. This subject is one that is dear to all our
hearts, but let's remember that here, we are all
more or less on the same side and there is no need to
get abusive or unpleasant.

3.  List commands

Here are a list of the commands you'll need to
operate this list. Send a message to


containing the command in the BODY (i.e. not the
header) of the message.

To subscribe to the list:
subscribe ecfcok [
] To unsubscribe from the list: unsubscribe ecfcok [
] To be sent a list of everyone on the list at present:who ecfcok To be sent a copy of this message:info ecfcok These features (and several others less relevant to us are brought to us by the very lovely missprint.org, who have a very nicely customised version of majordomo. If you are interested in finding out what else the progeam does, send a mail to the same address with the word: Help in the body of the message. 4. Help! If you are having difficulty with any of the above,please feel free to get in touch with me, Tim Hopkins, at hopkinstim@yahoo.com. I should, I suppose, add that I am doing this not for any personal glory or personal profit, but because I believe that ever greater supporter involvement is, to say the least, a good thing for the football club I love. That's why we're all here.

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