Sinister: The High Numbers

Sinister: The High Numbers

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Subject: Sinister: The High Numbers
From: "David Moore" <Daf_Moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 23:58:36 +0100

Hi 1325 Troubled Whateveragers,

Sadly missed seeing Ally dressed in a selection from Lucy's wardrobe: only
got to see the nail varnish later at the...

Which was cool (but sometimes sunny): nice (not scary) people, chat, food,
booze, football, toilets (!), electrickery, flashers, fashion, photography,
reminiscing over ATP photos, John Peel becoming Terence Stamp, & the first
listen for some to...

Ha! I told you that those wonderful people at Disques International Jeepster
wouldn't be charging very much for the 12 inch: in fact they were GIVING
them away later in the Paradise Bar. Those of you contemplating a purchase
should know that the 12" JIADS track is 60 seconds longer than that on the
CD, but 2 minutes & 10 seconds different, and with added Mick Cooke (so
worthwhile). As for the music, its a carefully constructed hommage to
British electronica acknowledging The Tornados, Rolf Harris, Hawkwind,
Stereolab & The Gentle Waves over a joyous dance track. I think I will end
up listening to this track more than to Legal Man itself.

Another question for (I suspect) (spokesperson)/Back Cover Star: who is the
person in the framed photo on the cover art?

Stevie Jackson talks about "Legal Man" **

"Hi. I've been asked to write a few word about our next release - "Legal
Man". Something of an innovation for the group, this is a ensemble piece
written by us one day while trying out an Electric Sitar. There's nothing
very profound about the song I have to say, it's just a love story about a
boy and a girl and the boy happens to be a member of the legal profession.

"Judy Is A Dick Slap" is our first instrumental to be released. Hard to know
what to say about this, except I love it and play it all the time.

"Winter Wooskie" was assembled from a demo Stuart David cut in the studio.
The rest of the group lovingly brought the song to life in true "Free As A
Bird" fashion, dubbing on our parts while using the latest technology to
enhance the original recording to an aesthetic conclusion we feel he would
have been proud of.

And that's it, except to say that this record has been designed for the Pop
Singles Market and every care has been taken at the mastering stage to
ensure it sounds good on the radio.

Another innovation! No, not at all. With the exception of "This Is Just A
Modern Rock Song" all our EP's have been designed for the Pop Charts, have
all been chart eligible and indeed have all charted, as high as 32 on one
occasion! I read in a magazine this morning that this record is our fist
chart eligible single and our first attempt at mainstream success. Nonsense.
If this is an attempt at mainstream chart success, then it is no more so
than any of our other releases. All our EP's were considered by us to have
hit song potential and were released in the hope that they would be
playlisted and become hits. Should anyone be surprised! Why ask questions!
THIS IS THE PROFESSION WE HAVE CHOSEN. We are supposed to be a Pop Group
after all.

Anyway I hope you like the record.

Love Stevie."

** from the programme for...

2000 TT
Random recollections: lots of danceable B&S played, the DJ's seamless segue
from whatsit's St Tropez (the Eurotrash theme) into Legal Man, the covers
band whose name I can't recall (Kajagoogoo?) assassinating Fox In The Snow &
The State That I Am In to a reaction ranging from horrified by the sacrilege
to wetting themselves at how funny it was, Cazz :) sorry Casarotto's
talented pole-dancing (where do you practice, Mark?), Arantxa's Austin
Powers Go-Go Dancing on the illuminated stage, Carsmile Steve's arms & legs
everywhere, nearly puking when they played Rupert The Bear & the theme from
Rainbow, remembering that String Bean Jean is one of my all time favourite
songs, some snogging (no names), dancing (what, me?) with Martin Rockford to
Photo Jenny (the boys are just friends)

& pondering the future of B&S: the good time dance thread has always been
there (the Tigermilk Instrumental, the track that I think is called Grazing
In The Grass, the boys' DJing) but is now becoming more public, & is meeting
more widespread acclaim (single getting daytime airplay, etc.) Can the needs
of the "old time Belle and Sebastian fans" still be met satisfactorily, and
can their tastes grow in parallel with those of the band?

Walking back to the car in Greenwich at 2.30 a.m. we saw a Fox In The Rain:
thanks for the directions, Joe :)

Love to all,

David Moore
Chelmsford, UK

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