[infobot] Infobot 0.45.3 slop?

[infobot] Infobot 0.45.3 slop?

To: "infobot-dev" <infobot-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [infobot] Infobot 0.45.3 slop?
From: "Bob Maple" <bobm@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 03:23:57 -0700

What is this:


/dimer\[0\/: trailing \ in regexp at
/usr/users/infobot/infobot-current/src/Misc.pl line 164, <FH> chunk $

doing at the end of src/Misc.pl?

I'm still trying to track down my odd Zippy problem from months past
(whereby a "yow!" results in the entire array being spit up).. I added some
debug info, and started the bot many times and tried messing around.  Once,
I got:

[  121] Reading zippyisms
[  122] Loaded 1 zippyisms
[  123] Selected yow number 0
[  124] Extras: <Brazilian>  yow!
[  125] </#regurg> A can of ASPARAGUS, 73 pigeons, some LIVE ammo, and a
[  126] </#regurg> A dwarf is passing out somewhere in Detroit!

So it looks like it read the entire thing into one element!  Although I have
had the Zippy-vomit occur in the middle of a session that was previously
working correctly, so I dunno what thats about..  but I control-C'd the bot,
re-ran him, and did the same thing, but this time got a correct output that
it had loaded 544 zippyisms.  So I got to searching around for other pieces
of source that use __DATA__ because I'm running out of ideas.  Thats when I
found that line of sludge at the bottom of Misc.pl, which doesn't seem to be
referenced anywhere else.

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