Fw: ecfcok: Subs for Board membership

Fw: ecfcok: Subs for Board membership

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Subject: Fw: ecfcok: Subs for Board membership
From: "Mark Hooper" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 22:41:05 +0100

After a few messages and then quite a bit of silence this is an idea we
could perhaps get behind.

Who could we write to to get it moving
i) at the club - Ivor? or Julie Richards?
ii) local press or  radio to add some sponsorship even if that involved no
money but guaranteed at least once a week or even once a day publicity ?

I understood there were at least half a dozen of us on this forum and if we
each raised letters from our various addresses around the country maybe we
cold start to get some support or at least mention in local press.
To do it we need to agree the principles of what we want to say and who we
need to address them to, now this is where I need to bow out until someone /
a few people can give direction / addresses. I'm sorry I just need some
advice or I'll just get it wrong, but with some advice I'd happily sit down
this weekend and write a few letters.

Apologies to all on this forum and the club in general my life has been
taken over by 12 hour days at work in the week and reacquainting myself with
my family at the weekend (in between doing all those little jobs in the
garden and house) and I haven't either contributed to the forum or been to
matches for a while. Home to Lincoln I'll get in the car and maybe see some
of you there.


PS Great, if lengthy piece from Al I've just read on GNET - very informative
for those like me who've been more remote from things. Al you have my
support for what little it's worth (and probably even less that you value
it - the pub crawl welcher or whatever other impolite titles you and Pete
have for me!) - don't ever lose that fantastic passion.

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From: Gary Nelson <NelsonG@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 15:35
Subject: ecfcok: FW: money raising idea no 2

At last someone else has said it! A subscription for seat on the Board,
it could be worth a chat to this geezer from Lincoln

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From: Ian Olpin [mailto:IanOlpin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 19 April 2000 14:50
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Subject: money raising idea no 2

Another big headache at City appears to be the Board. One solution
could be to adopt what they have here in Lincoln. A membership scheme
(LCMS)has been set up, £30 membership card valid for one year, £25 for
season ticket holders (£5 kids), whereby the club has agreed that if
there is a 500 adult member take-up, then the fans will have a
representative on the Board.

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