ecfcok: FW: money raising idea no 2

ecfcok: FW: money raising idea no 2

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Subject: ecfcok: FW: money raising idea no 2
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Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 15:35:57 +0100

At last someone else has said it!  A subscription for seat on the Board,
it could be worth a chat to this geezer from Lincoln
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Subject: money raising idea no 2

As one of the 'oh lets get behind the side and encourage them until the
end of the season'  merchants, I hold my hand up.  However, I agree with
Kim and Gary in that we should be looking longer term, and engage in
some constructive debate about the problems/solutions, and put them to
the commercial dept.(?!).
Obviously the major problem as ever is financial and so the exiles among
us could look at the running of the 'local' club and pass on any good
ideas.  Chris Loman started the ball rolling with his shirt auction idea
taken from Brentford.
Another big headache at City appears to be the Board.  One solution
could be to adopt what they have here in Lincoln.  A membership scheme
(LCMS)has been set up, £30 membership card valid for one year, £25 for
season ticket holders (£5 kids), whereby the club has agreed that if
there is a 500 adult member take-up, then the fans will have a
representative on the Board.  There is different fundraising events,
newsletters, fans forums, socials etc for members.  It is wholly
supported by the local paper who run a regular member count under a
"call yourself a fan" logo, as well as details of the latest joiner. 
They currently stand at 487 members. The scheme has been adopted at a
number of clubs now, run under the auspices of the Govt backed
'supporters direct' initiative.  This is a 'supporters trust' with a
whole load of advice on running the scheme financially and
administratively.  Brian Lomax at Northampton Town was one of the first
to set one up and is a good contact.  Likewise Rob Bradley of Lincoln
City(who will be at the Park summarising for Radio Lincs), as he started
the scheme up here.
£15k for the club, good pr and a fan on the board, sounds too good to be
true, and we would find out by the take up whether or not...
I get the impression that Exeter fans don't really give a toss..... is a
fair one?!
Come on City...
Ian O
Lincoln exile
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