ecfcok: Forward with City

ecfcok: Forward with City

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Subject: ecfcok: Forward with City
From: Tim Hopkins <hopkinstim@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 01:53:27 -0800 (PST)

Hello all. 

First of all, I should apologise for the length of
time it?s taken me to set this list up. It?s partly
that I have been snowed under with work and other
commitments, partly that the process, through my own
lack of skill, has been slowed up. Anyway, no excuses,
but let?s get on with it now. 

We?re a (self-selected) select band but we?re all of
broadly the same mind: we want to see greater
involvement on the part of the fans in Exeter City.
But I?m not sure any of us have a very clear idea
exactly how we can help that come about or what form
we can imagine it taking. There are various models of
supporter involvement around, and there are a more or
less unlimited number of tactics we could employ to
get there. 

As I have said in the introductory message for the
list, I don?t think we should take too long here on
the list. We are only a small number and if supporter
involvement is worth pursuing, it has to be on the
basis of a democratic, fully accountable organisation
involving a reasonable proportion of the club?s
support (the definition of reasonable here is one of
the many grey areas we?ve to define). It is my belief
that we need to move towards setting up a wider group
once our ideas of aims and tactics are a little

East Devonians tend to be a pretty sceptical bunch,
but I remain convinced that there are many more City
fans who would put their names and some of their time
towards a fans? organisation if they can be persuaded
that it is worth it. Not that I?m saying that?s easy,
you understand. 

Of course, what I say isn?t definitive. These are my
ideas but the whole point of this is democracy, so I
stand to be contradicted. 

First things first, though. We need to decide what
we?re going to do here, on this list. The things I
think we need to talk through are: 

1) how we see our ultimate goals. Community ownership
of the club? A seat on the board? Regular meetings
with the club?s head honchos? Trying to fond a rich
man to pump lots of loss-making cash into the club?
Something else?

2) Interim goals. Raising the cash to buy into the
club? A new organisation formed to carry forward the
fans? ideas? A reinforced Supporters? Club? Getting an
organisation together and waiting for the Government
to (hopefully) implement the majority version of the
football task force report and hand a seat on the
board to us on a plate? Or what?

3) Ways forward toward our goals. How to organise,
publicise, encourage. How to convince our fellow
Grecians that getting involved will be positive and
rewarding. Which links we should be making and when.
And so on?

How does that sound? 

I look forward to hearing your views on all this, and
to get into serious discussions of how we can all help
to take our club forward. 

Just a reminder that to mail this list you simply have
to mail to ecfcok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Oh, and feel free to invite other s to join as
appropriate. all they have to do is to send a mail to
majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the words subscribe
ecfcok in the body (not the head) of the message.


Tim Hopkins

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